Friday, October 05, 2007

oh and just so you know

in that picture (previous post)
where i seem to be comtemplating life
[running away from home]
the chair in which im sitting is part of my
parents very first livingroom set

circa 1960 eh

now this chair resides in my livingroom
that's "the shit" man
thats what i'm all about

"traaaditionnnn ...tradition"

and just to really tack it down


engelbert humperdinck is playing on my computer
engel makes my mom kneak weed
(god bless her merry soul)

my mothers "commitment deserves and demands my respect"
i cant imagine any other person in this wide wide world
that has comparible heart and stamina


i sure didnt intend this to lead to an hommage my mom
it is what it is
im a lucky man to have such a great person for a mother


just to nail down the tradition thing
my mechanical drafting pencil from grade 9 (1973)
is beside my computer in a breakfast juice glass
i found in a defunct restaurant in 1989

as hep as i am
i am what i was before i was hep

bern shares


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